Expedition to the Forbidden Island: Cuba

Birds Cuba Sep 2016 flyer
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1 Response to Expedition to the Forbidden Island: Cuba

  1. janericemoultnews says:

    Thanks for the poster, it looks excellent, as usual. All that paddling sounds really nice, I’ve only done to ocean a couple of times but it was pretty cool. I have been swimming quite a bit on Winnipesaukee, had vacation in June and it was pretty windy almost every day so not much paddling, except I did go around Bear Island one day. Even too windy to sail comfortably. I have two more weeks this month so hoping for some nice quiet weekdays on the lake.

    I guess you could delete the heading about nature walks. Tony was the leader, and I don’t see anyone else as knowledgeable as he was, stepping forward to take over that slot. I do have programs for October and November all set, and also for next April, so just need Jan., Feb., and March, and June, if you hear of any good ones that we should have.



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