The Lakes Region Chapter & Loon Center’s Annual Spring Birdathon/Bloomathon has been around since at least 1989.

Annual Lakes Region Audubon BIRDATHON/BLOOMATHON May 22, 2018

Dear Friends of Birds;

Good news! Even as we sit indoors amidst ice and snow, the birds of summer are on the wing and heading north. After what has been for many feeder watchers a winter of fewer birds than usual, we are even more eager than usual for the return of the warmth, color and life that comes with spring migration.

For the past ten thousand years or so, ever since the last glacier melted away and plant life returned to the barren ground, birds have been migrating to what we call New Hampshire. For the past thirty years or so, as regular as the return of our warblers, phoebes, flycatchers, bunchberries and starflowers, has been the occurrence of the Lakes Region Chapter Birdathon/Bloomathon. The data gathered during the Birdathon, and the financial contributions of its supporters, have assisted in the annual return of the birds to our own corner of the world, especially the Common Loon, which our chapter’s support of the Loon Preservation Committee has helped to maintain in New Hampshire.

Since this is the centennial year of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which has so far protected “our” summer birds from hunting and other forms of exploitation while they are in North America, please take a moment or two to contemplate the improbability of these tiny flying machines. Weighing as much as the change in your pocket for songbirds and around the weight of a gallon of milk for a loon, they can fly hundreds or thousands of miles south for the winter, then turn around and come all the way back again, over a route that many have never seen before. Science has gone a long ways toward explaining how they do it, but that doesn’t make it any less of a miracle. For such an achievement, they deserve our support.

So, here we are again, asking for your pledges and donations to the Birdathon, which will take place this year on May 22, when our expert field team will scour Tamworth and adjacent towns for as many species of birds and blooms as they can find in one day. Betty Steele, a long-time resident of Tamworth, was the originator of the Birdathon fundraiser, which explains our focus on that town, but birds and blooms will be seen and counted in Sandwich, Moultonborough, Ossipee, and Madison as well. We can usually come up with about 120 total species, so if you are in a gambling mood, you may pledge an amount per species based on the total for the day, or just send a donation of any amount that you desire. We will post a list of the species we encounter and a description of our “big day” of birding and blooming for a cause. Ninety percent of the amount raised will go to the Loon Preservation Committee, and ten percent to the Lakes Region Chapter of NH Audubon to support our free evening nature programs.

Click here to donate to the Birdathon/Bloomathon.

To all who have donated in the past, we thank you yet again; for the rest of you, please join the club!


 Jane Rice

Chapter President






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