The Lakes Region Chapter & Loon Center’s Annual Spring Birdathon/Bloomathon has been around since at least 1989.

Annual Lakes Region Audubon BIRDATHON/BLOOMATHON May 2017

Birdathon 2017

Dear Lakes Region Chapter members;

Coming up over the next few weeks is the most eagerly anticipated time of year for northern birders, the annual spring migration, returning thousands of colorful songbirds, shorebirds, hawks, and more to be enjoyed by northern birders starved for their color and variety. We do love our winter friends the chickadees, nuthatches, jays and woodpeckers, but there’s nothing quite like that first glimpse of a warbler or tanager returning from the tropics to bring joy to us birders. And of course it is also time once again for the annual Birdathon/Bloomathon fundraising event for the Lakes Region Chapter of New Hampshire Audubon and for the Loon Preservation Committee.

Our field team of expert local birders will take to the woods, fields and waters of Tamworth and adjacent towns on a nice spring day in May (although we’ve done it in cold and rain), to count as many spring birds and blooms as possible in a 24-hour period. Members and friends of the chapter are invited and encouraged to pledge a given amount per species seen by the team, or just to give a donation to keep our chapter alive. We hosted eight free nature programs during the fall, winter and spring of 2015/16, ranging from birding in Hungary, Colombia, Cuba, and the White Mountains, to butterflies, to primeval forests and White Mountains of New Hampshire. Yet to come is our annual meeting on June 8, when Bob and Dana Fox will speak and show pictures of birding in Manchuria and Tibet. Unless you have already “been there, done that,” you should plan to attend. Check out the chapter website at for details on upcoming progams.

Just ten percent of the funds raised, which amounted to a total of over $3400 last year, goes to the chapter; the remainder goes to support the work of the Loon Preservation Committee, and I feel sure that all our members are aware of the years of dedicated work that has gone into keeping the loons on our lakes. We will especially miss one of our best contributors this year as Chandler Robbins passed away at age 98. He was a co-author of “Birds of North America: A Guide to Field Identification,” known as the “Golden Guide,” and an ornithologist with Patuxent Wildlife Research Center for over 60 years. Please take a moment to check out his accomplishments on the internet, but in addition to many greater things, he was a generous and faithful donor to the Birdathon , and we will all have to try a little harder to make up for his absence.

Please visit the Loon Preservation Committee and click on Birdathon/Bloomathon to support the birdathon. The chapters have not received funding from the state Audubon organization for quite a few years, so your contributions are vital if we wish our chapter to continue. Thanks for your help.

Jane Rice, Chapter President

Please click here to pledge or donate.

Thanks again for your past and present generosity. Donors will receive a letter describing the highlights of the birds and blooms identified by the team.


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