The Birds of New Hampshire

Did you ever wonder about whether a bird you have just seen was rare or what’s its history in New Hampshire was?  Well, read on.

At the January 15th meeting of the Lakes Region Chapter of the Audubon Society of New Hampshire,- you will be able to purchase a copy the Birds of New Hampshire by Keith and Fox which we will be selling for  the Audubon Society of New Hampshire.  You will get a 463 pages book documenting all of the birds seen in New Hampshire since the 1600’s with great detail about all regularly occurring birds.  It is a fascinating read (See highlights of two species below summarized by Bob Fox in a talk given at the Tuftonboro Library last summer).Birds of NH book

The book contains:

  • First state-wide coverage of all species in 110 years
  • Status and distribution for all 427 species, seasons of occurrence and abundance
  • History of New Hampshire Christmas Counts
  • Summary of New Hampshire Hawk-watching data
  • Location and identity of over 4,800 museum specimens collected in the state
  • Summary of over 17,500 bird band returns for New Hampshire
  • Breeding Bird Survey results since 1966
  • Bibliography of over 1,200 titles covering the last 200 years

Copies of the book may be ordered through the Audubon Society of New Hampshire

Excerpts from the book on two species:

  • Tufted Titmouse Invaded state from south since 1950
  • Pre- 1950 a few wandering birds in New England
  • 1957 fall northern expansion in Connecticut Valley and Coast
  • 1973 breed in Merrimac, NH & along coast
  • 1961 1st winter birds in Hanover & coast NH CBC’s  760 in 1989,   1875 in 2004

Bald Eagle A primary forest bird; A victim of DDT Threatened species in NH until recently

  • 1756  – seen in hawk flight
  • 1700-1850 – declining but generally seen in summer, more in winter along rivers
  • Before 1900 common nester along Winnipesaukee
  • 1948-1989 – wiped out along Atlantic Coast
  • 1989 first nested again in same tree as 40 years ago
  • 1990-2010 slow increase as nesting species; common in winter

The book costs $55 plus shipping and handling and all profits go to NH Audubon through a special arrangement with the publisher, the Nuttall Ornithological Club.

Pick one up on the 15th or order one today.

How to order a copy

Contact Headquarters: N.H. Audubon 84 Silk Farm Road Concord, NH 03301 603-224-9909 fax 603-226-0902  or

You’ll be so pleased with your book,

Dana Duxbury-Fox


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